Higher Self Healing Club™ – Tuesday 4/19/22



Try your first session for just $55 by entering coupon code HIGHERSELF55 at checkout.

⚡️ Higher Self Healing Club – Tues 4/19 @ 5pm PT | 8pm ET

Group energy healing via Zoom

Tuesday, April 19th, we’re going Beyond Thought by connecting with our Crown Chakra.

Sometimes thought itself is the problem.

When we get lost in thought, a vicious cycle begins.

A cycle where we start looking outside of us for something to give us a little hit of dopamine.

The more hits we get, the more we need… and it gets increasingly desperate.

This cycle is often paired with feelings of antsiness/restlessness.

The more you try to think your way out of this loop, often the worse it gets.

The only way out is to STOP and LOOK UP.

Get your head above the clouds… above thought itself… to reconnect with Life… with Spirit.

Your Crown Chakra is your connection to the world Beyond Thought.

Join us tomorrow as we activate the Crown to connect with the source of all things, recharge, refresh, renew…

Get out of your karmic mind loops and see the world fresh and new again.


Join us Tuesday evening at 5pm PT | 8pm ET on Zoom.


⚡️ Higher Self Healing Club™ – Fitness for your soul™

Are energetic blockages stopping you from having what you want?

In just one hour, dissolve energetic blockages so you can manifest with ease.

Higher Self Healing Club™ is where guided meditation meets energy healing, with 1-hour sessions via Zoom every 2 weeks.

The guided meditation is designed to bring to surface deeply unconscious energetic blockages that are stopping you from manifesting what you want.

We then use Higher Self Healing, a powerful type of energy healing, to transmit energy to you wherever you are in a way that will clear those energetic blockages and unleash a whole new level of manifestation power for you.

During the healing process you may experience physical chills, tingles, goosebumps, or even see bright flashes of light as the energy goes to work within you, healing you from the inside out.

Higher Self Healing means that we invoke your Higher Self, also known as your superconscious mind, to come down within you and dissolve the energetic blockages that are stopping you from getting where you want to go.

Are you ready to experience the power of Higher Self Healing?

Try your first session for just $55 by entering coupon code HIGHERSELF55 at checkout.

After your first session:

🌞 $88 per session, or
🌞 $144/month with 6-month membership (2 x 1-hour sessions per month; $72/session)
🌞 $111/month with 12-month membership (2 x 1-hour sessions per month; $55/session)

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