Higher Self Healing Club™ – Tuesday 4/5/22



Try your first session for just $55 by entering coupon code HIGHERSELF55 at checkout.

This Tuesday we’re going to be using Huna energy healing to clear any energetic blockages that stop you from getting what you want… from really going for it and winning big. 🙌🏼🏆💎

Getting what you want requires cajones. 💪🏼💥

2nd chakra kind of cajones. 🟠

If there are energetic blocks in the 2nd chakra, you could be blocking yourself from getting what you want.

Getting what you want also requires speaking up… using your 5th chakra. 🔵

Once you grow a pair and speak your truth, the frequency of what you want resonates from your 3rd chakra at the solar plexus 🟡 … until you bring what you want all the way down through your root chakra 🔴 into manifest reality.

And just so you don’t turn into a total shark we’ll throw in some heart chakra to balance things out. 😉🟢

Ready to get what you want?

Join us Tuesday evening at 5pm PT | 8pm ET on Zoom.


⚡️ Higher Self Healing Club™ – Fitness for your soul™

Are energetic blockages stopping you from having what you want?

In just one hour, dissolve energetic blockages so you can manifest with ease.

Higher Self Healing Club™ is where guided meditation meets energy healing, with 1-hour sessions via Zoom every 2 weeks.

The guided meditation is designed to bring to surface deeply unconscious energetic blockages that are stopping you from manifesting what you want.

We then use Higher Self Healing, a powerful type of energy healing, to transmit energy to you wherever you are in a way that will clear those energetic blockages and unleash a whole new level of manifestation power for you.

During the healing process you may experience physical chills, tingles, goosebumps, or even see bright flashes of light as the energy goes to work within you, healing you from the inside out.

Higher Self Healing means that we invoke your Higher Self, also known as your superconscious mind, to come down within you and dissolve the energetic blockages that are stopping you from getting where you want to go.

Are you ready to experience the power of Higher Self Healing?

Try your first session for just $55 by entering coupon code HIGHERSELF55 at checkout.

After your first session:

🌞 $88 per session, or
🌞 $144/month with 6-month membership (2 x 1-hour sessions per month; $72/session)
🌞 $111/month with 12-month membership (2 x 1-hour sessions per month; $55/session)

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