TRANSFORM with Adam Mayer – Sunday 6/2/24 @ 4pm Central




Where the spiritual path to Enlightenment meets success and high performance in the material world.

1.5-hour group coaching, meditation, and energy sessions custom tailored to YOU.

Adam Mayer draws from the Yogic inner sciences, ancient Hawai’ian Huna (the spiritual practices and energy healing of the Kahunas), hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and his own experience as co-founder of a multi-million dollar oil company to help you TRANSFORM yourself and your life.

Submit questions before the session with topics you would like to learn about and coaching that you would like to receive, or ask questions live during the session.

Adam will be tuning into the group and your questions to design the session on the fly, totally customized to your needs in that moment, offering you tools for Self Empowerment, ancient wisdom teachings, guided meditations, and live energetic transmissions to help you transcend your limitations and realize your full capability as a Human Being.

Get ready to experience:

  • A strong connection to the Divine
  • Dissolution of negative emotions and karma
  • Greater joyfulness and bliss in your life
  • A high degree of Clarity
  • Peace and stillness within
  • Greater alignment within yourself for maximum performance
  • Greater alignment with the Cosmos for an enhanced experience of Life
  • Cultivation of Grace: things manifesting better than you could have planned

Are you ready to TRANSFORM?

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Look forward to connecting with you!